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Infinix VF-i/BP: Vascular Bi-plane System

The Infinix VF-i/SP is a cutting-edge vascular imaging system. The system is provided with the floor-mounted rotation arm that has been developed for the Infinix CF-i and the same large-field FPD as used in the Infinix VC-i system. The system is very compact and flexible. It offers excellent performance as a universal system that can be used not only for examination of the head, arms, and abdomen, but also for examination of heart.

Infinix VF-i/BPAdvanced technologies deliver optimized bi-plane imaging
Designed in concert with leading pediatric physicians, the Infinix VF-i/BP provides advanced, versatile patient access to meet the demands of today’s multi-discipline imaging environments. The system’s revolutionary multi-tasking computer and intuitive user interface deliver optimum image quality, time-saving ease of use and improved workflow. Ideal for diagnostic, interventional and hybrid procedures, the Infinix VF-i/BP is a completely new approach to biplane imaging designed to take advantage of its revolutionary multi-axis C-arm.

3D DA of Large Renal TumorAdvanced biplane imaging
With its comprehensive positioning and image review capabilities, the Infinix VF-i/BP
accommodates a wide range of procedures. Advanced conventional and 3D imaging
technologies provide unprecedented imaging with unique tools to enhance both
diagnostic and interventional procedures. These powerful imaging and processing
tools enhance clinicians overall treatment planning capabilities.

Easy setup and execution of mask and arterial phase are used to create bone or device fusion.

Same 3D DA (With Window Level Changed)Unparalleled patient access meeting the needs of all physicians
The Infinix VF-i/BP is designed to provide superior access to the patient - an important point of distinction in the imaging landscape that now often requires the attention of a wide range of specialists. In hybrid procedures that may require a full complement of specialists including surgeons, neuroradiologists and anesthesiologists, the Infinix VF-i/BP is at its best.

Sequential Navigation
Infinix VF-i/BP is equipped with Sequential Navigation for physicians to quickly “navigate” through an exam (e.g., carotid, renal or runoff). Infinix VF-i/BP executes the preferred angles, projections, and acquisition parameters, all from memory. One touch of a button enables navigation through the routine settings for each exam type. Operators have the freedom to change any parameter throughout the procedure without disrupting Sequential Navigation.

Efficient tableside control
The hyperhandle design and tableside console layout allow clinicians to more effectively concentrate on the patient and the image data providing a more patient focused examination.



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