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Almost a century of X-ray experience pays off

Commencing in 1914 with development of its first X-ray tube, Toshiba brings high technology plus experience to the design of diagnostic X-ray systems and additional devices offer the opportunity to assemble tailor made solutions for every clinical situation thinkable. This design philosophy has led to a complete and full range of powerful diagnostic tools which takes into account the Infinix-i angiography systems, the Ultimax, Zexira and Winscope Plessart digital RF systems. Research and development efforts have resulted - for example - in the unique incorporation of a 1024 x 1024 matrix digital CCD television camera.

Apart from the technological side of our equipment, we improve comfort and safety for the operator as well as for the patient. Also our ongoing dose management program minimizes radiation levels to the minimum possible.

Toshiba's R&D program is far reaching. This is underlined by our initiative to advance the development of a complete family of dynamic FPD sytems to satisfy fully a wide range of clinical needs from standard radiography through to interventional cardiology.