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Aquilion™ RXL - series

Aquilion RXL is a new whole-body multislice helical CT system with a 32 mm wide detector and presents the latest state of technological innovation in Multi Slice CT technology. Using Toshiba's coneXact™ reconstruction algorithm the Aquilion RXL is able to generate 32 unique slices per rotation with more detail than ever before. Featuring the high-performance MegaCool™ X-ray tube and advanced Quantum detector, Aquilion RXL enables fast helical scanning of the entire body. Furthermore, the RXL is the latest addition to the Aquilion family with key features such as ”Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction 3D” (AIDR 3D), an iterative reconstruction algorithm which has been designed to further reduce dose while preserving excellent image quality.

The Aquilion RXL offers maximum performance for customers needing to perform a wide variety of routine clinical examinations in a streamlined workflow, with the objective to deliver the best diagnostic quality at a minimal amount of radiation. Provides the industry’s best low-contrast resolution of 2 mm @ 0.3% with low exposure dose. Incorporating Quantum Detector technology and state-of-the-art dose reduction technologies.

16-Slice Configuration
Entering the world of the Aquilion family with adaptive iterative dose reduction technology (AIDR 3D) and active collimator for ultra low dose scanning.

32-Slice Configuration
Aquilion reliability combined with double slice reconstruction for outstanding spatial resolution and extended flexibility. 

Low Dose Examinations                                                                                                       
This system incorporates a variety of functions that can significantly reduce the patient exposure dose, such as AIDR 3D, as standard.

  • AIDR 3D
  • SUREExposure™ 3D Adaptive (automatic exposure control)
  • Active Collimator
  • Dose Management Functions – Dose Check/Dose Report

With the integration of AIDR 3D into SUREExposure controls, radiation exposure is automatically reduced before the scan, ensuring that the lowest possible dose is employed for the specific diagnostic objective irrespective of the size or shape of the patient.  AIDR 3D integrated in SUREExposure 3D Adaptive can be applied to all acquisition modes for routine clinical use and is able to remove up to 50% of image noise resulting, which corresponds to a dose reduction of up to 75% by the same Standard Deviation (SD) for noise. 

Key features of AIDR 3D:

  • Full integration in scan protocols for improved workflow
  • Dose reduction in clinical setting  by up to 75%
  • Full automatic iterative reconstruction process
  • Minimal penalty in reconstruction times
  • Noise reduction and improved Spatial Resolution
  • Superb artifact suppression 

Lightning Speed
The new console enables significant improvements in workflow, with faster reconstruction, automated processing,and remote access capabilities. With a reconstruction speed of up to 28* images per second (16 images per second for standard configuration), all the images are available in a flash, even when Toshiba’s unique 0.5 mm slice thickness is used. Furthermore, the enhanced DICOM protocol allows fast data transfer speed up to 60 images per second. Generation of MPR images can be performed automatically in accordance with the exam protocol setting.

  • High-Speed Reconstruction
  • Automated Processing
  • SUREXtension™ (Remote Access)*

Latest Applications

  • Cardiac Examinations*
  • Colon View*
  • Lung Volume Analysis*
  • Vessel View*
  • Fat Index View* and more..

Adaptable console options - 1 or 2*
Scan and display consoles maximize workflow. Both consoles can be operated independently, enabling parallel processing, significantly improving the efficiency of image processing and diagnosis.

Powerful postprocessing CT application - on your own computer
SUREXtensionTM* offers remote access to Aquilion’s advanced display console functions and clinical  applications from your own computer on the hospital network. This thin-client display station makes it possible to review images anywhere in the hospital without relying on a PACS system, increasing patient throughput and shortening waiting times. 

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                                                                                                                                            * Option